Book Synopsis

booksWould you, or any known human being naturally choose freedom, or bondage; happiness, or discord; oasis, or mirage to quench the thirst? Someday, by default or by design, it all begins with acquiring knowledge about the critical aspects of life, then practically applying learned tools, techniques, concepts, processes to enrich development of IQ (Intelligence Quotient), HQ (Health Quotient), LQ (Leisure Quotient), EQ (Emotional Quotient) discussed in Volume I titled, ‘Accelerate Your Pace: A Panorama of Human Engineering’; and more complex issues of PQ (Professional Quotient), MQ (Moral Quotient), SQ (Spiritual Quotient), and AQ (Application Quotient) elaborated upon in Volume II titled, ‘Accelerate Your Pace: Advanced Dimensions of Human Engineering’.

It is no new knowledge that we attain the human form after great efforts and good karma. We all are here in this world for a purpose—whether it is obvious to one yet, or not—and the fact is that we arrive with a return ticket i.e. we have limited time. We need to manage ourselves and achieve our vision, objectives, goals, targets, and fulfil our wish list without wasting time, else the opportunity may fade away. Life is too precious than to just pass time in a state of blissful ignorance. We need to work with a sense of urgency! We need to start at the earliest i.e. today to satisfy the sinews of our soul—so there are no regrets tomorrow. We need to accelerate our pace…

How to accelerate the pace without being weighed down by the comparison and competition around? Laterally thinking, these volumes on human engineering layout the conscious action plan of working artfully on the various facets of a human being’s life to bring about a progressive shift from chaos to cosmos, starting inside-out.

This book is based on an optimistic premise as Keats–If winter comes, can spring be far behind? It is an attempt to sensitize the readers that we just need to take the first step in the right direction, each day, to enjoy the journey called life.

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