Social Convergence

A. The proceeds from 3T (Triumph through Training) are in part used to support clients who approach 3H(Haven for Holistic Healing). “Healing is not just a science, but an art of realizing and directing vibrations sourced from Nature and the Divine for balanced and continuous growth” opines Dr. Veena K.Arora, the founder. The endeavour is to help individuals rise–by resolving relationship issues, redefining interpersonal relations, overcoming depression/ anxiety, increasing confidence-concentration-courage, improving physical conditions, manifesting abundance-success-peace-positivity, establishing spiritual connection—thereby helping to maintain their growth process.

At 3H recovery is facilitated through healing modalities such as Reiki, Pranic Healing, Melchizedek Symbols and Angelology which are effective in treating physical ailments, emotional irregularities and also aids in spiritual alignment and karmic cleansing. Divination techniques as Tarot, Runes and Feng Shui serve in the journey of self-discovery and provide direction in issues pertaining to relationships, health, career/business, success, prosperity, power, fame, off springs to name a few.

Finding peace, serenity, and contentment are some values we strive towards at 3H. We also conduct workshops to teach Chakra Meditation.

B. 3T is actively sharing its profits and partnering with Happy Valley Programme, under the aegis of the Suman Trust, Bidar, Karnataka which is engaged in unparalleled service to society, serving the cause of the blind and physically handicapped for over three decades. The Trust was established under the Presidentship of Shri Das Suryawanshi, a living legend who has spent his entire life nurturing and training the physically handicapped to make an honourable living in society unmindful of their disabilities.Shri Das Suryawanshi has been the State Commissioner for the Disabled, Govt of Karnataka, the only non IAS/Administrative cadre officer to hold this august office. He is a winner of several state and national level awards. Some of the major activities of the trust are:

  • (a) Ashakiran Residential School for the Blind established at Bidar in 1991.
  • (b) Karuna Home for the Aged. Started in the year1999 in a remote village of Turad Taluqa, Dist Bidar.
  • (c) Swar Sangram School of Music for the blind.
  • (d) Community based rehabilation programmes in Bidar Dist.
  • (e) Conducting Several vocational courses for all categories of handicapped

The activities of the trust are being expanded considerably under the Patronship of Major Genaral RS Chhatwal. Some future projects envisioned are:

  • (a) Project ‘Trees in Every House’ aims at planting one lakh trees in bordering villages of Bidar. Three trees are being planted in every house , one each for giving shade, fruit and pollution free environment.
  • (b) Setting up a full-fledged Institute of Rehabilitation of the Handicapped for providing services and creating Human Resource in areas of Speech and Hearing, Blindness and Mentally Retarded
  • (c) Build a residential Age Old Home
  • (d) Agriculture Research Institute for development of agriculture in rural areas
  • (e) Institute of Man making for balanced and harmonious development of Body, Mind and the Soul

A Meditation Centre for all without distinction of religion ,caste, color or creed