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Learning from Leaders

At 3T, our commitment to fostering professional growth and knowledge sharing has been unwavering. We recognize the immense value of industry experience, and that’s why we are proud to present the “Learning from Leaders” series.

In today’s dynamic world, we operate within a knowledge economy where the generation and utilization of knowledge are paramount in creating prosperity for organizations and nations alike. This series is dedicated to the principles of learning, sharing, and growing together, as we believe that the exchange of insights and experiences can ignite the flames of innovation and success.

This page will showcase our interactions with various leaders’ whose insights will help in growth and development of individuals and organizations. Together, we’ll set new standards of knowledge sharing and professional growth.

Learning from Leaders Mr. Kaival Patel

Mr. Kaival Patel, Director, Absolute Group of Companies

Mr. Kaival Patel, Director of Absolute Group of Companies in Ahmedabad, shares his evolving vision that has propelled his business expansion and diversification. Join us to explore the intricacies and challenges of the events industry, and appreciate the creativity behind both social and corporate events.
Learning from Leaders Mr. Prashant Upadhyaya

Mr. Prashant Upadhyaya, Vice President-Technology, Truminds Software Systems

Meet Mr. Prashant Upadhyaya, VP (Tech) at Truminds, Gurugram, in our Learning from Leaders series. With eloquence, he delves into fostering impact and collaboration in diverse teams, offering intellectually stimulating leadership insights.
Learnings from Learning from Leaders 25th Episode

Learnings from Learning from Leaders 25th Episode

Join our "Learning from Leaders" recap: diverse learners from all fields and places share insights on leadership, innovation, and growth. Seasoned pros and rising stars offer valuable perspectives. Join us for inspiration!
Learning from Leaders Special Episode

Learning from Leaders Special Episode

Join our "Learning from Leaders" series featuring five distinguished leaders: Mr. Bhagat Khemchandani, Ms. Sneha Wadhwa, Mr. Jitender Sareen, Ms. Bhawna Khemchandani, and Mr. Avinash Sabhnani. They highlight the significance of intrapreneurship, equality, empathy, transparency, handholding, inclusivity, harmony, consistency, agility, and teamwork in leadership success.
Learning from Leaders Mr. Rohit Agarwal

Mr. Rohit Agarwal, Founder & CEO, Contree Foundation, Jaipur, INDIA

Learning from Leaders features social entrepreneur Rohit Agarwal, Founder of Contree. He highlights issues like centralization, mental strength, perseverance, and effective planning to execution, offering valuable insights for listeners.
Learning from Leaders Dr Leela Bordia

Dr Leela Bordia, Founder, Neerja International

Join us for a special edition of Learning from Leaders featuring Dr. Leela Bordia, founder of Neerja International. Gain invaluable leadership insights as she shares her journey, emphasizing relationships, local identity, and women's empowerment.
Learning from Leaders - Prof. Amit Jain

Prof.(Dr.) Amit Jain (President/ViceChancellor, Amity University Rajasthan)

Dr. Amit Jain, President of Amity University Rajasthan, emphasizes leaders' impact on branding via communication & customer focus. Dive into our Learning from Leaders series for insights on academic leadership priorities and VUCA application.
Learning from Leaders Mr. Gurinderpal Singh

Mr. Gurinderpal Singh (CEO and Founder - Talent21)

Gurinderpal Singh, CEO of Talent21 Management, Hyderabad, discusses his transition from employee to entrepreneur. He tackles talent scarcity, embraces Generative AI, and emphasizes leadership qualities like experimentation and mentorship for talent retention.
Learning from Leaders Saurabh K Choudhary

Mr. Saurabh K. Choudhary (Head HR South Asia, KEC International)

Mr. Saurabh K. Choudhary stresses the importance of training and support for effective change management. Gain insights on coaching versus mentoring, influencing employees, and overcoming resistance in today's enlightening video
Learning from Leaders Dr. Lalit K. Panwar

Dr. Lalit K. Panwar (IAS Retd.) Chancellor, Vivekananda Global University

Dr. Lalit K. Panwar emphasizes the vital role of human connection in leadership across bureaucracy and academia. Gain insights on decision-making, relevance, and his passion brand 'YFL' in our exclusive interview.
Learning from Leaders