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Guiding Students to Future Success

At 3T, we provide comprehensive career counseling services that empower students and parents to make informed decisions, especially between 14 to 18 years. Our systematic approach includes professional psychometric testing, expert advice, subject-based and industry-based guidance..
In these one-on-one sessions, our experienced career counselors focus on individual profiles, and utilize psychometric assessments to evaluate students’ interests, abilities, and aptitudes. This helps us tailor our advice and recommendations to align with their unique strengths and preferences.
Alternately, since we stay up-to-date with market dynamics and industry trends we provide the latest information on emerging career paths and in-demand skills. Our holistic approach actively involves parents, recognizing their vital role in supporting their child’s career development.
The Counselors qualified from University of Bath, U.K. and IC3 Institute, U.S.A. besides another possessing 25+ years of experience provide personalized attention along with a range of resources, to guide students in selecting the right path, whether it’s choosing a stream of study, exploring higher education options, considering career choices or honing entrepreneurial abilities.
At 3T, we believe that with our support and a systematic approach, every student can find their path to a fulfilling future by unlocking their true potential.

Rajavee Arora

Counselor and Research Assistant

Rajan Arora - socially sensitized Master Trainer

Rajan Arora

Managing Director

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