Our mission is to ensure that excellence is attained by all individuals and organisations we partner with, by diagnosing, designing, and delivering effective interventions that encourage, educate, empower, and enrich.


Our vision is to endeavour for a happier society by adapting and advancing the best of the East and the West while respecting global diversity.

 " To guarantee success, act as if it were impossible to fail. "
- Dorothea Brande

About Us

Triumph Through Training(3T) is a  dynamic Training & Development company founded and managed by highly qualified core group of  professionals and experts, having vast experience and exposure.

Since decades, the founding members of 3T have been involved in conducting corporate trainings and personal development programs breaking confines of the status quo in organizations to surpass the expectations of partners.3T has re-written the rules for inclusive growth. Thousands of professionals and students have so far had an opportunity to experience the unique combination of Will-Skill-Thrill in our i

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Social Convergence

The proceeds from 3T (Triumph through Training) are in part used to support clients who approach 3H(Haven for Holistic Healing).

“Healing is not just a science, but an art of realizing and directing vibrations sourced from Nature and the Divine for balanced and continuous growth” opines Dr. Veena K.Arora, the founder. The endeavour is to help individuals rise–by resolving relationship issues, redefining interpersonal relations, overcoming depression/ anxiety, increasing confidence-concentration-courage, improving physical conditions, manifesting abundance-success-peace-positivity, establishing spiritual connection—thereby helping to maintain their growth process.

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