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Interpersonal Relations

Podcast Episode: Interpersonal Relations

Welcome to Wisdom Wave, where Dr. Veena K. Arora explores the art of “Building Interpersonal Relations” through the magic of storytelling. Immerse yourself in narratives that illuminate the intricate dance of empathy, positive action, and forgiveness, all crucial in fostering deeper connections. Each episode unfolds like a journey, guiding you…
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Increasing Your Happiness

Happiness: The Goal of all Goals

In a training session I conducted today on “Increasing Your Happiness Quotient,” as part of life skills enhancement FDP, I introduced an activity where participants asked each other, “What makes you happy?” The responses were diverse: relationships, love, money, shopping, gossiping, respect, hobbies, food… the list seemed endless. However, most…
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The Power of Positivity

Podcast Episode: The Power of Positivity

Welcome back to another inspiring episode of Wisdom Wave, brought to you by Triumph through Training (3T). In this episode, host Rajan Arora delves into “The Power of Positivity.” This episode emphasizes how adopting a positive mindset can be a transformative force in one’s life, leading to improved mental and…
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Why Go to a Temple

Podcast Episode: Why Go to a Temple?

Dr. Veena K. Arora encourages listeners to ponder what they might find behind the metaphorical door and to reflect on their own spiritual journeys. Join the conversation and explore the depths of SQ in this captivating episode of Wisdom Wave presented by 3T. Listen now and nourish your spirit with…
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Podcast Episode: The Moral Dilemma & Decisions

Explore the complexities of decision-making in “The Moral Dilemma & Decisions” with host Rajan Arora. Delve into a thought-provoking scenario involving a group of children on railway tracks, and uncover the ethical considerations behind tough choices. Gain insights into strategic decision-making and the importance of assessing situations from multiple angles.…
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Pre-Mortem or Post-Mortem for Decision Making

Pre-Mortem or Post-Mortem for Decision Making?

Revisit the Cobra Effect The underrepresentation of women in top leadership positions within Indian corporations prompts critical questions about the factors influencing this disparity. Is it a matter of competence or strategic decision-making capabilities? I do not believe that the glass ceiling, glass wall, or glass cliff exits, as before.…
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