About Us

Triumph Through Training(3T) is a  dynamic Training & Development company founded and managed by highly qualified core group of  professionals and experts, having vast experience and exposure.

Since decades, the founding members of 3T have been involved in conducting corporate trainings and personal development programs breaking confines of the status quo in organizations to surpass the expectations of partners.3T has re-written the rules for inclusive growth. Thousands of professionals and students have so far had an opportunity to experience the unique combination of Will-Skill-Thrill in our interventions that has resulted in our sustained progress.

Alka Bagga

The logo portrays the spirit of the Supreme Being–the Ocean of Knowledge and Absolute Bliss– that controls the whole universe.

The three wings of the logo represent the universal power to create, sustain and destroy. The three leaves are symbolic of the harmonious development of the body, the mind and the soul for us to Triumph Through Trainingsas means to achieve the end i.e. success and happiness. The colors connote the four facets of our diamond self that need to be in equilibrium—red for root that controls finances and career, green for heart that nurtures emotions and relationships, indigo for wisdom and insight, purple for divine consciousness.

Our Approach

At 3T we agree with the Chinese when they say:

Tell me, and I will forget,

Show me, and I may remember,

Involve me, and I will understand.

Our approach supports an organization’s transformation journey through discovery, execution, and most importantly sustenance. We enable individuals and organizations to realize and draw from their core competencies, by using a combination of contemporary and creative techniques. As catalyst for change, we support collaborative development by initial handholding, till the success roadmap unique to the participants/clients is realized, and they function independently in an auto-mode.

We inspire, we encourage, we educate, we facilitate, we empower and we enrich to bring out the leader within. Our expertly driven experiential approach is the secret of achieving personal excellence and corporate growth.

Alka Bagga