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Our School Training Programs are designed to enhance the learning environment for students, teachers, and parents alike. We offer a range of dynamic initiatives that empower academic leaders with contemporary knowledge and skills. Our teacher training equips educators to thrive in the 21st century classroom. Students benefit from career guidance and essential life skills development. We also engage parents in fostering a positive home environment and effective parenting techniques. Together, we shape a holistic educational journey that promotes excellence, personal growth, and inclusivity. Join us in transforming your school into a hub of empowered learners, educators, and families.

We provide training to academic leaders, teachers, students, and parents in schools to improve educational outcomes, enhance personal growth, and foster a positive and inclusive learning environment.3T provides robust programs for various stakeholders of schools. We facilitate educational leaders develop and implement their vision, equipped with contemporary knowledge and skills. We train teachers to align better with their new expectations and roles in the 21st century. We prepare students build life skills to adapt to the ever-changing global environment. We train parents too in positive techniques for helping their children realize their full potential.


Teachers Training
  • 21st Century Teaching Skills
  • Classroom Management
  • Critical & Creative Teaching Learning
  • Emerging Trends in Pedagogy
  • Emotionally Intelligent Teachers
  • Experiential & Collaborative Learning
  • Increasing the Happiness Quotient
  • Instilling Personal & Professional Excellence
  • Managing Behavioural Issues in Children
  • Redefining Intelligence


Student Sessions
  • Career Counselling
  • Confidence & Competence Building
  • Coping with Stress
  • Cyber Safety & Social Media
  • Goal-setting & Prioritization
  • Managing Peer Pressure
  • Motivation & Ethics
  • Wellbeing Essentials for Students


Parent Workshops
  • Creating a Positive Environment
  • Heli-Parenting & Traps
  • Parenting Styles
  • Parenting: The Kaizen Way
  • Parents as Stakeholders
  • Positive Disciplining
  • Stress Management as Parents
  • The ‘ABCD’ of Parenting

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