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Learning from Leaders

At 3T, our commitment to fostering professional growth and knowledge sharing has been unwavering. We recognize the immense value of industry experience, and that’s why we are proud to present the “Learning from Leaders” series.

In today’s dynamic world, we operate within a knowledge economy where the generation and utilization of knowledge are paramount in creating prosperity for organizations and nations alike. This series is dedicated to the principles of learning, sharing, and growing together, as we believe that the exchange of insights and experiences can ignite the flames of innovation and success.

This page will showcase our interactions with various leaders’ whose insights will help in growth and development of individuals and organizations. Together, we’ll set new standards of knowledge sharing and professional growth.

Learning from Leaders - Mr. Vinod Mathur

Mr. Vinod Mathur (General Manager Human Resources, Jindal Saw Ltd.)

Employee engagement is crucial for managing the new generation workforce," emphasizes Mr. Vinod Mathur, General Manager Human Resources at Jindal Saw Ltd. His leadership shines through in interactions with Team 3T, showcasing prowess in aligning personal aspirations with organizational goals.
Learning from Leaders Mr. Satyendra Gaur

Mr. Satyendra Gaur (Business Head, Adani Agrifresh Ltd., India)

Mr. Satyendra Gaur, Business Head, Adani Agrifresh Ltd., underscores a leader's credibility, emphasizing quality performance, consistency, and commitment. As a distinguished figure in HR and business, he champions integrity, transparency, strategic planning, and results-oriented strategies for prosperity and nation-building.
Learning from Leaders Ms. Priyanka Sharma

Ms. Priyanka Sharma (Consultant Health Practice ESG, KPMG India Pvt. Ltd.)

Ms. Priyanka Sharma, Consultant at KPMG India Pvt. Ltd. from Jaipur, Rajasthan, envisions prioritizing beneficiaries in our Learning from Leaders series. Her results-driven approach and focus on team well-being stand out. Join Team 3T for an insightful discussion.
Learning from Leaders Major General R. S. Chhatwal

Major General R. S. Chhatwal (Retired, Indian Army)

Major General R. S. Chhatwal, Retired, Indian Army, Wayanad, Kerala, underscores key leadership attributes—risk-taking, fear overcoming, and leading by example. Join Team 3T for insights into military vs corporate leadership, divine plans, decision-making, responsibility, and delegation empowerment.
Learning from Leaders Mr. Aayush Mittal

Mr. Aayush Mittal (Senior Database Engineer, American IT MNC)

Mr. Aayush Mittal, a Bengaluru-based Senior Database Engineer, likens a team to a family in our Learning from Leaders series. He highlights the synergy of disagreements and cohesiveness. Join Team 3T for insights on growth and navigating uncertainties.
Learning from Leaders -Mr Manish Bhatt

Mr Manish Bhatt (Chief Creative Officer, August Communications)

In our Learning from Leaders series, Mr. Manish Bhatt, Chief Creative Officer at August Communications, Gurugram, defines success as a personal narrative, highlighting his visionary role in shaping India's advertising landscape. Explore his insights with Team 3T.
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Mr. Ramu Muthangi (CEO & Co-Founder, SHG Technologies Pvt. Ltd.)

Mr. Ramu Muthangi, SHG Technologies CEO, envisions assisting one million visually impaired people in a decade. In our Learning from Leaders series, he explores societal contributions, collaboration, leadership vision, and mentorship.

Mr Chandrashekhar B. (Senior GM – HR & GA, Kirloskar Ferrous Ind. Ltd.)

Mr. Chandrashekhar B., Senior GM – HR & GA at Kirloskar Ferrous Ind. Ltd., believes that embracing change ensures future viability. Join an insightful conversation with Team 3T as he discusses value addition, upskilling, digitization, interpersonal conflicts, people management, and adaptation.

Mr Vijay Khemchandani (M.D., Vbros Auto Pvt. Ltd.)

Self-confidence, vision, and discipline are vital for success,” affirms Mr. Vijay Khemchandani, Managing Director at Vbros Auto Pvt. Ltd. In a brief conversation with Team 3T, he explores decentralization, family support, automation, AI, happiness, and balance for holistic development.
Dr Ajay Data (Managing Director, Data Group of Industries)

Dr Ajay Data (Managing Director, Data Group of Industries)

Dr. Ajay Data, Managing Director of Data Group, asserts in our Learning from Leaders series that passion ensures focus. In a concise video with Team 3T, he explores themes like discipline, philanthropy, and consistent growth, drawing from his startup acumen and global perspective.
Learning from Leaders