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Learning from Leaders

At 3T, our commitment to fostering professional growth and knowledge sharing has been unwavering. We recognize the immense value of industry experience, and that’s why we are proud to present the “Learning from Leaders” series.

In today’s dynamic world, we operate within a knowledge economy where the generation and utilization of knowledge are paramount in creating prosperity for organizations and nations alike. This series is dedicated to the principles of learning, sharing, and growing together, as we believe that the exchange of insights and experiences can ignite the flames of innovation and success.

This page will showcase our interactions with various leaders’ whose insights will help in growth and development of individuals and organizations. Together, we’ll set new standards of knowledge sharing and professional growth.

Learning from Leaders | Mr P. Narayana

Mr P. Narayana (Executive VP – HR & GA, Kirloskar Ferrous Ind. Ltd.)

In Learning from Leaders, Mr. P. Narayana, EVP – HR & GA at Kirloskar Ferrous Industries Ltd., emphasizes integrating CSR and ESG into business. Join an insightful discussion with Team 3T on succession, networking, talent, and progressive leadership principles.
Learning from Leaders

Mr. S. R. Singhvi (Chief HR Officer, Ghorahi Cement Industry Ltd.)

Mr. S. R. Singhvi, Chief HR Officer at Ghorahi Cement Industry Ltd., stresses the vital role of syncing internal and external environments for growth in our Learning from Leaders series. Watch his discussion with Team 3T for insights on transformative leadership.
Learning from Leaders | Mr Harjinder Singh (Founder CEO, VAO Innovations)

Mr Harjinder Singh (Founder CEO, VAO Innovations)

Mr. Harjinder Singh, VAO Innovations’ Founder CEO, insists any goal below enlightenment is too small. In our Learning from Leaders series, he combines scientific acumen and spiritual wisdom, exploring Quantum Computing, startup scaling, divine intervention, and meditation’s transformative power with Team 3T.
Learning from Leaders

Mr Peeyush Kumar & Mrs Jaya Kumar (All Saints Group of Institutions)

Mr. Peeyush Kumar, Chairman, All Saints Group, says leadership sets the pace, and Mrs. Jaya Kumar, Principal, adds their insights on holistic development, collaboration, priorities, and hard work in our Learning from Leaders series with Team 3T.
Mr Subrata Das (HR Stalwart & Founder Member, Modasfab & Craft LLP)

Mr Subrata Das (HR Stalwart & Founder Member, Modasfab & Craft LLP)

Mr. Subrata Das, HR Stalwart & Founder of Modasfab & Craft LLP, stresses integrity’s importance in our Learning from Leaders series, discussing responsibility, relationships, stakeholders, and leading by example with Team 3T.
change management

Mr Udai Parnami (CEO, Parnami Group of Companies)

In our Learning from Leaders series, Mr. Udai Parnami, Parnami Group CEO, stresses the role of systems over individuals in running a company. He discusses change management, core competence, business ethics, and self-investment with Team 3T.
Learning from Leaders Teaser

Learning from Leaders Teaser

This Dussera, join us on a journey from darkness to light with the Learning from Leaders series by 3T, where you’ll discover the professional journeys, challenges, and strategies of remarkable leaders. Watch the Teaser and be part of our collaborative initiative.
Learning from Leaders