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Rajavee Arora

An Empathic Listener & Counselor

Rajavee Arora is a dedicated and highly motivated professional, with an unwavering commitment to making a positive impact in the field of career counselling and wellbeing. Having completed both B.Sc. Honors (BPS Accredited) in Psychology and Master of Research in Psychology from the prestigious University of Bath, United Kingdom, she possesses exceptional critical thinking and research skills, which she employs to design customized and impactful career counselling sessions. Rajavee’s profound understanding of human behaviour and cognitive processes enables her to conduct comprehensive student assessments based on their interests, aptitude, and abilities.

Rajavee Arora

Research Assistant & Career Counselor

Furthermore, Rajavee holds a second Master’s degree in Psychology (Counselling) from the Indira Gandhi National Open University, India. This educational journey has provided her with invaluable insights into the intricacies of the field and practical experience in effective counselling techniques. Her expertise in guiding students with their future decisions plays a crucial role in fostering a professional outlook for them.

Rajavee’s continuous drive for personal and professional development is evident through her achievements and certifications. She has completed the International Career & College Counselling Certificate from IC3 and has completed various online certificate courses in areas such as data analytics, relationships, and psychological first aid from prestigious institutions internationally. Additionally, she has authored a book titled ‘My Mind on a Couch’ and founded the online platform ‘Psychology Simplified,‘ where she contributes to career counselling and mental health awareness through engaging blogs, podcasts, and videos.

Her educational background has provided a solid foundation to Rajavee, especially in psychological theory and practice. During her studies, she successfully completed various research projects employing quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods. Notably, her final year dissertation delved into the examination of cultural variations in body image perceptions among men in Eastern and Western cultures, showcasing her ability to explore cross-cultural dynamics. Her international exposure and diverse knowledge contribute to the richness and engagement of her counselling sessions.

Rajavee has already conducted training sessions for students at MIT, India, on topics such as stress management, happiness, anxiety, and other mental health issues, to raise awareness on behalf of the WhatUp Life Foundation. Similarly, she has worked as a Marketing Team Leader for the Student Wellbeing Team at the University of Bath, UK, focusing on Vertically Integrated Projects that align with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Rajavee’s exceptional skills and dedication are further evident through her professional experiences. As a Child Counselor Intern at a prominent Psychiatric Clinic in Jaipur, India, she meticulously documented case histories of adult and child patients and provided specialized therapies tailored to individual diagnoses, including Occupational, Speech, and ABA Therapy. Collaborating with a Special Educator, she gained invaluable insights into the effective education of differently abled children.

In her role as a Senior Editor & Reviewer at Tedhire, UAE, Rajavee honed her written communication skills by expertly reviewing clients’ curriculum vitae written by resume writers. She also showcased her talent as an author, crafting compelling articles and blog posts for the official corporate website.

During her time as a Research Project Intern at Play Well for Life, UK, Rajavee played a pivotal role in conducting ground breaking market research and competitor analysis. Collaborating on an interdisciplinary project focused on graduate training and skill development, she demonstrated her ability to work seamlessly within an interdisciplinary team and contribute to complex initiatives.

Rajavee’s attention to detail and meticulousness were further exemplified during her tenure as a Research Assistant at the Department of Psychology, University of Bath, UK. She adeptly managed data collation and segregation of primate brain scans, conducted research on sexual dysmorphism and brain structures, and provided valuable assistance in translating and organizing manuscript details.

In addition to her exceptional academic and professional accomplishments, Rajavee possesses a diverse skill set, along with a high level of emotional intelligence. Her effective communication skills, fluency in English and Hindi languages, and basic understanding of French enable her to effortlessly connect with students and professionals from diverse backgrounds.

Rajavee actively engages in volunteering initiatives, showcasing her dedication to making a positive impact on society. She has contributed as a People Profiles Researcher at Bath Assembly Rooms, National Trust, UK, and as a Research Aide at e-Girl Power, Hawaii, USA. Furthermore, she has volunteered as a Mentally Healthy University Ambassador at Bath Mind and participated in volunteering activities at Umang and Disha in India. It further highlights her commitment to creating a better world.

In summary, Rajavee Arora is a talented and passionate professional who utilizes her profound knowledge of psychology and research to benefit teachers and students through her bespoke career counselling programs and one-to-one sessions. With her outstanding academic background, diverse skill set, and unwavering commitment to making a positive impact, she is exceptionally suited to excel as a career counsellor, contributing significantly to the personal and professional development of individuals in the school setting.

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