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Insights from a Inspirational Leader’s Rendezvous

Emotional Intelligence training

Embarking on my journey from Koppal to Bengaluru and then Jaipur, I had a surprise rendezvous with Mr. R.V. Gumaste, the Managing Director of KFIL, and his delightful wife at the guest house. What began as an unscheduled meeting, soon transformed into an insightful exchange with a true leader.

Amidst the pleasantries, Mr. Gumaste’s curiosity delved into the intricacies of the Emotional Intelligence training I was conducting. A leader known for empowering his team, he emphasized, “I do not allow my team to fail.” This commitment to fostering his team’s potential echoed his persistence and supportive leadership approach.

Pride radiated as he spoke of his top management team, all possessing surplus Emotional Intelligence competencies. It became evident that he valued not just professional prowess but the personal virtues of self-awareness, self-regulation, and self-motivation, coupled with high social awareness and social skills.

Our conversation navigated through unconventional leadership insights, such as seeking out problem areas in new ventures to transform challenges into opportunities. Drawing parallels, I shared my experience of turning a flight delay into a cost-effective advantage, reinforcing the idea that unforeseen circumstances can lead to positive outcomes.

A standout moment came when Mr. Gumaste shattered the myth of limited space at the top, asserting that there are ample opportunities for talent to ascend. The crux lies in dedication and perseverance within a single organization, challenging the prevalent trend of frequent job-hopping among the younger generation.

This brief encounter left me invigorated, offering a unique perspective from a leader who values stability, nurtures his human resources, and approaches challenges with a refreshing childlike smile. The presence of his elegant and supportive wife added a charming layer to our conversation.

In my journey of Learning and Development assignments, encounters with inspiring individuals like Mr. Gumaste are a source of enrichment. It’s not just about training; it’s about gaining insights from living luminaries, and for that, I am truly grateful.

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