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Navigating through Covid 19

Navigating through Covid 19

In the good old BC (Before Corona) days, I used to pick up my car and loved driving to places a few hundred kilometres away like Alwar & Ajmer (ICAI), Beawar (Shree Cement), Bundi (Adani), Kotputli (Aditya Birla), and even Ahmedabad (Arvind) for conducting training sessions. I set out and explored new client sites in the wilderness, like the JCB Plant in Bagru, all on my own, when they were still working from portacabins while the construction was in full swing. Adventurous? Not much. Independent? Fiercely. Although I lost my way a couple of times, and faced the ire of protesting Gujjars setting the highway on fire, I enjoyed my freedom to go wherever I wanted unassisted—hmmm…not exactly. The GPS helped me navigate and reach the destination. I am sure the HR personnel heaved a sigh of relief that the sessions always began on time, though I did get frequent hints of their uneasiness in placing trust in a female driver-cum-Trainer.

Talking of GPS i.e. Global Positioning System, it has been working for me DC (During Corona) too. Just as the GPS in the car helped me with the right directions with the help of satellite connectivity, my personal GPS is helping me tap into my internal resources to steer well during the current challenging times. Did I hear, “How”? Well, let me share with you what worked for me:

1.    Routine—Before, during, or after Corona we need to have a schedule chalked out which helps utilize our time well, and gives a feeling of moving a bit closer to our life’s goal each day. My daily schedule starts with meditation, followed by walk indoors, professional assignments, in-house gymming in the evening, while enjoying series like Breathe, Good Witch, and Masaba Masaba for leisure (I had been deprived of such entertainment due to the crazy travel routines in the past!). I do make it a point to read the e-newspaper just once to keep track of the local, national, and global issues; otherwise I generally maintain distance from broadcast media to protect myself from being overwhelmed. Yes, I do watch videos of Sadguru or listen to podcasts. It takes me about 10 minutes post breakfast, to plan the important priorities to be taken care of during the day, and mark them as A, B, or C as per their importance and timelines.

2.     Connect—I am not too good at networking or schmoozing. But surely, I  note down at least 3 people I would call or connect with on Zoom or Linked In during the day. They may be from the professional and personal sphere, and it helps boost my EQ (Emotional Quotient) considerably while maintaining physical distance. Exchanging ideas, giving advice, collaborating, or just listening—it all helps in one way or the other.

3.    Realistic Optimism—We all know that the only certainty in life is change itself. Situations change, just as people do, and so will the circumstances that the whole world is witnessing—physically, mentally, emotionally, financially…When we think positive, believe in it, behave accordingly, it starts taking shape. Whenever I feel low, I remind myself that it is way difficult to cope with depleted reserves. The time duration cannot be predicted with certainty since it is a black swan event which has hit us. Nonetheless, better days are bound to be here again—maybe with some changes for the better.

It cannot be negated that before the pandemic, I was working with crazy routines, was quite impulsive, chose to be ignorant about many matters of importance, and hardly stopped to smell the roses and appreciate what I have been blessed with. This is a wonderful opportunity which gave me time to introspect and contemplate, which has helped me streamline things intentionally. I am happy to be navigating well and sustaining through Covid 19.

If you are sailing in the same boat, try adapting a few of the above strategies of mine.

All the best!

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