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Women of Essence: Different Strokes

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On International Women’s Day 2024, our team at 3T embarked on a campaign titled, “Women of Essence: Different Strokes,” celebrating women from various walks of life—entrepreneurs, professionals, academicians, activists, and homemakers. Through this initiative, we aimed to recognize the remarkable contributions of women who have carved a place for themselves in the local, regional, national, and international space.

One striking quality that sets apart these outstanding women is their resilience. Many have encountered challenges, both at home and in the workplace. Take, for instance, a lady who, despite her family’s financial comfort, was denied autonomy over her finances. Determined to be financially independent, she pursued a career in HR, overcoming instances of domestic violence along the way. Her journey reflects the power of persistence and self-improvement in the face of adversity.

Another common trait among these women is their ability to find purpose and passion in their pursuits, treating their work as worship. Consider an individual who revitalized a dying art form through dedication and perseverance. Through trial and error, she transformed it into a globally recognized craft, showcasing the importance of self-awareness and leveraging strengths to achieve excellence.

Adaptability is yet another hallmark of these remarkable women. They adeptly prioritize different aspects of their lives, maintaining a delicate balance between personal and professional responsibilities. Many have made sacrifices, such as forgoing promotions to prioritize family commitments, like attending to the needs of teenage kids. Moreover, they exhibit a willingness to embrace change and continue learning, even as they age.

While there are numerous admirable qualities among women, it’s essential to recognize that we’re moving towards a world where gender empowerment shouldn’t be necessary. Society is evolving, embracing diversity and inclusivity. Both men and women possess unique strengths that complement each other, contributing to a more balanced and harmonious society.

In this journey towards progress, soft skills training and leadership development play crucial roles in fostering resilience, nurturing passion, and promoting adaptability among individuals of all genders. By cultivating these skills, we can empower individuals to thrive in both their personal and professional lives, creating a more equitable and inclusive world for all.

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