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Wellbeing and Social Cohesion by Conscious Organizations

Wellbeing and Social Cohesion

Recently, I had the privilege of chairing a technical session at an international hybrid conference at IILM, focused on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEIB). Titled “Wellbeing and Social Cohesion,” technical session 4 showcased numerous research papers by scholars and students.

In my address to the delegates, I emphasized that achieving wellbeing hinges on maintaining a balance across physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Social cohesion, on the other hand, is about fostering connectedness, trust, cooperation, and respect within organizations, fostering a sense of belongingness among employees.

Organizations undertake various activities to promote employee wellbeing, reaping benefits like heightened productivity and performance. Notably, inclusive environments have been linked to a significant increase in revenue per employee (nearly 11%), reduced burnout, and enhanced talent retention.

Companies like Google and TCS exemplify this approach, offering a range of wellness initiatives from yoga and mindfulness training to team-building activities and digital wellness coaching.

At 3T (Triumph through Training Pvt Ltd), we’ve facilitated outbound interventions for team-building with clients such as JCB India Ltd., Arvind Ltd., and Bright Metals to name a few. These soft skills training sessions not only enhance skills but also foster camaraderie among employees.

To support individuals’ mental and spiritual wellbeing, we’ve launched initiatives like “Learning from Leaders” and “Learning from Scriptures.” Through these series, viewers gain insights from industry leaders and spiritual teachings, respectively, fostering cognitive growth and spiritual enrichment.

The conference also featured papers on diverse topics like menstrual leave, technology-induced stress, emotional intelligence, and environmental sustainability, providing valuable insights for all attendees. The questions asked by me and the co-chair were aptly answered and explained by the researchers.

Overall, the session was an enriching experience, highlighting the importance of soft skills training, leadership development, and holistic wellbeing in fostering inclusive and resilient organizations. The light conversation with numerous academicians and industry representatives while enjoying South Indian cuisine further satiated my thirst for learning. It was a day well spent—sharing and learning, simultaneously.

Learning from Leaders