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Podcast Episode: The Moral Dilemma & Decisions

Explore the complexities of decision-making in “The Moral Dilemma & Decisions” with host Rajan Arora. Delve into a thought-provoking scenario involving a group of children on railway tracks, and uncover the ethical considerations behind tough choices. Gain insights into strategic decision-making and the importance of assessing situations from multiple angles.…
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Pre-Mortem or Post-Mortem for Decision Making

Pre-Mortem or Post-Mortem for Decision Making?

Revisit the Cobra Effect The underrepresentation of women in top leadership positions within Indian corporations prompts critical questions about the factors influencing this disparity. Is it a matter of competence or strategic decision-making capabilities? I do not believe that the glass ceiling, glass wall, or glass cliff exits, as before.…
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