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From the Balcony

From the Balcony

What all scenarios flood your mind when you think of the word ‘balcony’? Just take a moment, and think. One of the memories could be of neighbours chatting from adjoining balconies, or beating thalis with spoons aimlessly from balconies in the colony, or watching a movie from balcony in good old single screen movie theatres. But I want you to use your spatial intelligence to imagine a grand ballroom in which well-dressed couples are dancing arm in arm to different beats of the music being played by a live orchestra. Now, while dancing with a partner, you concentrate on just one significant other, maybe some around you, but fail to notice most others in the hall. Right? So, let me urge you to take a break and ascend the staircase reaching up to the balcony overlooking the entire ballroom spread below. (No offence meant to distract you from your romance though.) From the balcony, the view is much bigger and better, surely–you may notice some couples dancing to slow dreamy waltz music, some others taking to the floor only when a fast rock and roll number makes their adrenalin rush, and quite a few just resting on the sides enjoying others dance but making no effort themselves. So, what’s the point?

Leadership requires action and reflection, besides having a vision and sharing it with team members and motivating them sufficiently towards achieving it. Lots of leaders I trained are extremely busy strategizing and inspiring. But they need to essentially move up to the balcony, to reflect–the types of followers, their needs and strengths, the situations and challenges faced, who has the capacity to handle what, effectively–which would ensure further actions and decisions in the interest of the organization. Whatever be your leadership style—autocratic, charismatic, transformational, transactional, laissez-faire, democratic—or any other with a fancy name or theory, to be a great leader you must get the view from the balcony once in a while. Reflect.  

Undoubtedly, Corona has slowed down things globally, nationally, locally, and even personally. Good. You can’t do much about a situation which is not in your control. Look at It is an opportunity to reflect. Then act. With a better view and understanding from the balcony!

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